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Friday, October 05, 2007

troubled bridge under waters

ok. i have avoided the sethu schema all this time as there is more muck than the dredgers can rake up.
its all over the place.
the hindu

this is the official site, but doesn't open.
this site looks really official, but is surely a smart bunch of anti-sethu activists.
they have a news blog site too

what got me starting was this rediff interview with a mariner. he says that the sethu project does 'naut'ical make sense :-)
i was waiting to see the financials and 'if this report is correct', then this is a classic fill the pockets project.
i feel that any opposition from the opposition parties at the center and the state are purely due to the fact that they missed a golden goose.
am now trying to read all the official documents to get a further grip on the technicalities.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

yes, the whole thing smells fishy. i am confident, without doing any requisite research, that it is meant for lining pockets, and, as you say, the opposers are not opposing with any altruistic/environmental motive. pardon the cynicism. these are the situs that make me feel particular despair about our country, shining though it is.

csm said...

i have hardly seen any other state govt pushing a 'national' project with this level of aggro.
modi with narmada project to some extent.
reading up a lot of vigilante stuff while recuperating.

Ludwig said...

there's an excellent argument for opposing the project - it's an article of faith!

[casting eyes heavenwards and wringing hands]

p.s. get well soon.

csm said...

thanks l...

was reading that today and was thinking of writing to the blurbs too along with on this forum. and especially if such specious arguments score over rational tenets.

anyway. it is good to watch the fights from the sidelines. macho stupidity on display.