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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

a new hope - kamal

i was a very keen observer of politics for many years. but not since i moved into the rural/farming life. in fact, i believe that we are always on the losing side.
even when the AAP phenomenon was developing, i remained disconnected, though marginally interested. while many may have moved on from the heydays of hope that anna hazare/kejriwal inspired, i believe that AAP phenomenon is still very worthwhile.

coming to the topic...
i am an unabashed fan of kamal hassan's movies. have been for a very long time.
since his turn into the political sphere, my non-existent interest in politics is showing signs of resurrection.
i strongly believe that kamal will be a positive force for our society.
there is skepticism and much rolling of eyes, especially from the upper classes.
i really like that he is taking his time to roll out his plans.
change needs time. we may be a society in a hurry, but speed rarely helps towards lasting change.
he is a fresh breath and i foresee his contribution to be very valuable. and i aim to be a part of this process.