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Saturday, December 05, 2015

2015 North East monsoon - rain data at farm

expanding on the earlier brief post, here is the rain data in our area since oct 1, 2015.

period                     rain (mm)             cumulative (mm)
oct I week                65                           65
oct IV week              20                           85
nov I week                125                         210
nov II week               310                         520
nov III week              250                        770
nov IV week              270                         1040
nov 30, dec 1           530 (30 hrs)           1570

the last item was replicated in chennai metro area and its hinterlands and caused the massive flooding.

but in our area, there was no flooding, the nearby villages were barely affected, excess water drained in less than 24 hours, power restored in 36 hours and the net access resumed from today morning.

after 4 years of continued dry spell, we watched this cascade with fascination and thirsty eyes.

some images from nov 

zamin endathur big eri (lake) from hill top

zamin endathur sitheri (small lake) from hill top

zamin endathur sitheri (small lake) with hill top in the background

zamin endathur sitheri overflow weir
view from our home (netrambakkam eri)

the topography of the area came alive. fields drained from one to another and streams and canals revealed themselves. water flowed along the least resistant path. our land is upsteam to an eri and we watched the eri fill up with awe and a prayer of thanks. 

runaway rivers of our metros

2005 - mithi river flooding wrecks mumbai

pic: mithi river forced under the airport runway

2015 - adayar river flooding wrecks chennai

pic: adayar river forced under the airport runway

go figure....