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Friday, October 26, 2007

tehelka - sting - gujarat 2002

it is certainly the mother of all stings.
tehleka, aaj tak and headlines today bringing out the most gruesome confessions on live tv.
here is the total coverage.
since it is a lot, i would recommend reading in this order:
1. ashish khetan - the reporter who did the undercover job.
2. the editor's note - harinder baweja
3. the sequence - from the train burning onwards
4. the ahemdabad carnage - naroda patiya
5. the role of the police.

if you still have the patience and energy, read the transcripts of babu bajrangi, anil patel, and much more.

this expose is just blazing up the wires. since 12 hours, the vitriol, acid and all corrosive elements are on full flow.

some issues i have:
1. tehelka is extreme reporting and assumes culpability - which biases reporting
2. follow up stamina - they did the stings on defence deals and bangaru laxman which led up to nothing.
3. timing - with the gujarat polls coming upon in a month, mud-slinging, congress bankrolling are accusations to be battled.
4. could it polarise the communities further? some thinks this expose could make modi hand stronger.

whatever, it is great investigative journalism - the motives be damned - and a ray of hope for justice for the victims of 2002 gujarat.

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