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Thursday, October 25, 2007

judgement day

1. judge V B Rai of the dehdradun special court - delivered the murderers of madhumita to life in jail. influential politician and his goons bite the dust. the details are here.

2. judge K Uthirapathy of the coimbatore special court - delivers the coimbatore bomb blasters to multiple life sentences. read a report from 1998. just after the blasts.

Judge Vinod Kumar of the patiala court - delivers corrupts cops who killed innocent businessmen in fake encounter to life in jail. the story unravels here.

judge S M Haseeb of the kanpur court - delivers murderous rioters (post 1992 babri masjid demolition) to life in jail. after 15 long years, someone is paying the price of the religious megalomania unleashed.

all in one report from the telegraph highlighting the sudden 'judicial assertiveness' of our lower courts.

the timing is interesting and irrelevant at once.
all these judges have ensured that there is still hope for the 'meek'.

all these cases are likely to go to appeal to the higher courts and one may even see these verdicts being reversed. but thats another story and another post.

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