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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

recommended sites - 1

in the series frenzy which i initiated here on heroes, i missed out an earlier series i had started and which by no means is over, 'where our taxes go' - post 1 and post 2.

this is the the third and the interim-last in the series of series - recommended blogs from topics i write about.
this is likely to be a selective, 'once-a-month' series.

here we start with - the most well read environmental blog - treehugger.
looks like catering to the masses and hence have a non-extreme philosophy.

1. see their 'how to green your...'. very readable.
2. section for teachers and educators.
3. the blog itself on the main page is interesting.

there are of course, the regular videos by the ton and forums by the millions.


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