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Thursday, October 04, 2007

where our taxes go*

the ministry of defence - government of india had released a tender today - which flummoxed me.
the title read "director general married accommodation project (MAP), ministry of defence, government of india"

director general !!
married accommodation project !!

typical a director general (of police) is responsible for the police force of an entire state. that's all the cities, towns, villages and assorted administration and recruitment and training. in short a CEO level.

and the MoD has a DG for building apartments and houses and that too only for couples.
christ, allah and ishwara.
do we need external agents to spawn confusion at all...

* - borrowed from indiauncut


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

what does it even mean? why cannot married people live in single people apartments? or rather, why not build apartments in the first place that can accommodate either.
i am totally convinced that this is yet another random set of things guaranteed to line somebody's bedroom wall with more cash.
just like, the Setusamudram Project, Oops sorry did I say that out loud?

csm said...

many questions. the answers are the same.
nevertheless, my point is that even if you build livable homes for the services, then do it without havinf a director general level person heading it. get a contractor dammit.
i would love to see the DG, MAP introducing himself.