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Friday, October 12, 2007

generation Q

tom friedman is a renowned columnist and is actually tom flatman after his infosys-worship laden 'the world is flat'. i could not make it through the book. nilekani overdose.

here is his nice article on american youth - the generation Q.
he says
But Generation Q may be too quiet, too online, for its own good, and for the country’s own good.
too online...
America needs a jolt of the idealism, activism and outrage (it must be in there) of Generation Q. That’s what twentysomethings are for — to light a fire under the country. But they can’t e-mail it in, and an online petition or a mouse click for carbon neutrality won’t cut it. They have to get organized in a way that will force politicians to pay attention rather than just patronize them.
he is saying america, i am reading world.

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