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Thursday, October 18, 2007


this piece on 'The Amazon burns once again' in the hindu columns caught my attention.
the original article from the guardian has a photo (the quest for which has lead me this morning onto this post).
In August, government satellites registered 16,592 fires across Brazil, the overwhelming majority in the Amazon.
world war?
Three thousand feet over the burning forest Paulo Adario, the Amazon director of Greenpeace, let out a sigh of resignation. “It’s like a scene from a world war,” he said gazing down at the forest, which now resembled the aftermath of a napalm bombing.
ok, greenpeace is extreme sometimes.
i think world war scenes would have been much less disturbing.

these are some wonderful imagery from the mongabay site.
don't miss.
the amazon rainforest slideshow
deforestation pictures
the forest destruction statistics (also referred to as forest usage)

and a whole kids section which has very nice presentations.

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