Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Saturday, March 29, 2008

footprint quizzes

1. Earth Footprint Quiz - Take it here.

india - 0.8 hectares
csm - 2.2 hectares

2. Water Footprint Quiz - Take it here.

Per capita per year
India– 975 cubic meter
USA – 2480 cubic meter
China – 700 cubic meter
csm - 839 cubic meter

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

where our taxes go - 3

the WOTGO series resumes.

we have a National Research Center on Camels.
yes, the ships of the desert a serious topic of national interest.
the NRCoC has 14 PhD's and over 1400 camels (50% correct data).

i have resisted the temptation to pun on single humps and double humps. aargh.

earlier posts WOTGO, WOTGO-2.

Friday, March 07, 2008

WTF on women's day

this is from bombay times' paid section.

Renowned tarot card reader Sunita Menon, who inaugurated a special preview of the exhibition, recommends that every woman should self-indulge in designer jewellery to celebrate her womanhood on International Woman’s Day. “Celebrating the day in this fashion endows me with a sense of honour, dignity and selfrespect for being the person that I am,” said Sunita.
that's a newton's latest law....

(self-esteem + dignity) directly proportional to the ('carat'age on neck)^2

rohit dhankar strongly believes - 1

Was at this rural education institution (digantar) near Jaipur over the last 2 days.

One of the founders is this startlingly simple, incisive and grizzled veteran of the field of rural development and education and here are some of his thoughts.

On communication
The modern understanding of communication is nothing but hypocrisy, where through glibness and dexterity, one tries to go one up.

True communication involves:
Knowing what one is saying fully with the full extent of logical and rational thiking to back it.
- valuing the other person as a person
- respecting his/her point of view; however on the opposite side it may be

Monday, March 03, 2008

train alone

this is a first time.

am on way to jaipur for a conference (the smart oens have guessed that i am writing this on the train).
there has been a major derailment en-route.
so the train is taking a diverted route. likely delay of 7-10 hours anticipated.

the cool thing - i am entirely alone in an entire compartment/bogie. other than the railway staff, that is.
simply awesome.

and of course, roaming internet card zindabad.

mumbai phrases 2 - Paid

1. Mall mein sale laga hai aur Rs 10000 ka shopping karo aur sirf Rs 5000 paid karna hai.
2. woh piece ke liye kitna paid kiya

Derived heavily from pre-paid and post-paid, this joins the lexicon of cellphone vocabulary.
This certainly puts paid to the hopes of the language purists.

On a related note, people also use ‘payment’ to mean ‘salary’