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Monday, October 08, 2007

where our taxes go - 2

the tamilnadu government has a chief kazi.

here he announces the Ramzan Id date in Nov 2004.
here is him gracing an iftar party this sunday. we have visual sighting.

my subsequent research is showing that there is a Chief Kazi for the shias as well as the sunnis.


Serious Lounger said...

Long nosed one, whats with this calling yourself csm-fanaa.. we shd have this as the abode on the hill - the baba's loft as i have it in my blogroll..

and i presuem, the TN government also employs a Catholic, Protestant, Presbyterian (am sure the spelling is screwed but who cares), Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox chief priests too :D :P

csm said...

sloc - the naming was explained earlier in a reply to iggi.
it was that phase when these terms curried favour (or is it flavour).

your blog roll nomenclature is alluring like the rambha, urvashi.

MK should employ other chief priests, else we are an asecular nation, no.
in fact i will press for a senior representation from the dera sacha sauda group in the TN govt.