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Thursday, March 02, 2017

anupam mishra - a recollection

sometime in oct 2012, we found ourselves with time to kill in delhi. as chance would have it, we decided to visit the birla house memorial of gandhi and to our delight, shri narayan desai was delivering the moving gandhi katha series.
we took our seats and were transported to the times of the freedom struggle.
as the lecture was coming to close, i noticed a familiar dignified gent in our front row. he was shri anupam mishra, whose spell-binding ted talk i had written about.
we introduced ourselves and he was all grace. he took down our address and very soon we received a copy of his book - aaj bhi khare hain talab - a veritable masterpiece on the water management practices of our ancestors.
it was indeed an unforgettable evening to be blessed by two legends.

shri mishra recently moved address and here is ram guha's evocative obit piece.

tennyson wrote 'the brook' with the memorable line - for men may come and men may go, but i go on forever.
it has been the lifetimes work of shri desai and shri mishra which has made this line a reality.