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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

three gorges dam - disaster in making

the three gorges dam project is one of the modern day engineering miracles.
being built on the Yangtze river, it is china showing its muscle to the world.

we are familiar with the sardar sarovar project on the narmada river and the narmada bacho andolan fighting for the rights of the displacement and questioning the disputed benefits of the project.

3G is almost 15 times the size of the SSP (in terms of design hydroelectricity production capacity).
massive does not even start describing the project.

just with above info, one could hazily visualise the kind of impact that 3G will have on the environment.

the chinese government has come clean and have said exactly the same.
here are the reports from the times, london and planetark.
A report issued by the Xinhua news agency, mouthpiece for the Government, said: “There exist many ecological and environmental problems concerning the Three Gorges Dam. If no preventive measures are taken, the project could lead to catastrophe.”
"catastrophe" in an official press release.
it takes tremendous courage to publicly own up mistakes.
good show china.

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