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Saturday, October 27, 2007

when perspective comes

it is now almost 2 months of 'inaction' in my life.
2 months of 'house arrest'.
2 months of 'distance management'
2 months away from 'the people'.

- the nerves are slowly fraying
- the muscles are itching
- the mind is straining at the leash

and perspective happens - i read about aung san suu kyi and her efforts in myanmar's recent turmoil.
Aung San Suu Kyi – under house arrest for 12 of the last 18 years – met for a little more than an hour with a Myanmar junta official
- no recourse to freedom
- no recourse to family
- no recourse to law

but the fight should not and has not waned, has not paused.

ah - when perspective comes...


Vanessa said... prepared to feel a little disoreinted when you get back....
another perspecive...from experience

csm said...

v - i think that qualifies under experiential advice. many thanks for the same.
an 'occidental' slip perhaps.

i am using perspective as 'point of view/reference'.

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

hmm. interesting!