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Sunday, October 28, 2007

how da gowda ?

there is turmoil in the country now:
1. tehelka sting expose
2. naxalites on the killing prowl
3. the mega ego impasse over the nuclear deal.

plus sethusamudram row, SEZ land grab agitations, etc.

but the hilarious-est drama is unfolding in karnatka - it is called kya natak.
and it is helmed by the supple-est person for his age - dive howda - who heads the janitor dal mein kaala party.
supported ably by his son come-whore-sway-me and bed-your-appa

a. CWYM goes behind his father DH in 2006 and combines with BYA to form the government with a promise to drive halfway and hand over the wheels to BYA.

b. close to halfway, CWSM and DH (from back seat) scheme to eject BYA and continue driving. BYA and his bosses (wink-eye nerdu and raj-cant sing) throw an apoplectic fit and stall the car.

c. choice words are exchanged - DH+CWSM (here) against BYA+WEN+RCS (here and here)

d. with so much animosity and acrimony, royal divorce proceedings were initiated.

e. when the country was entranced by the tehelka sting, CWSM and BYA secrete away to resurrect the marriage; 'an-IIM-city' to be exploited and 'a-Cr-money' to be made.

f. in all this mandi-giri (marketing/trading), the pop-beta duo have kept the other MLAs in the dark. this man Prakash (not very bright though) had been sold a dummy.

when one thinks that politicos have plumbed new depths an have hit rock bottom, they show their stamina and that they were all born with silver spades.

update: the affronted frothing-at-nostrils prakash has worried CWSM. the latter has doggie-packed MLAs away to a resort - may be the same he and BYA conjoined.

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