Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Saturday, August 20, 2011

monsanto - more monstrous than before

monsanto is scary.
the extent to which they will go to dominate world food production, thus annihilating anyone who stands in their path is documented beautifully in "the world according to monsanto".

read the review here and watch the video here.

monsanto's all pervasiveness in our lives is highlighted in april davila's daring 'month without monsanto'.

ananthoo and his friends are on a Monsanto-Quit India campaign.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

aadi - mega planting bash

this is THE month.
the tamil month of Aadi. mid july to mid august. the saying goes 'aadi pattam, theydi vithai' - in the season of aadi, just plant anything.

we had chosen the well at the place of future 'acre-sized' farming. and in that location, we had cleared up around 1/3rd of an acre (approx).
we got it ploughed and ready. this was in addition to the other fields that we have used earlier for groundnuts, ragi, varagu, etc.

here is the list.
1. foxtail millet - thinai (2 varieties - yellow and red)
2. pearl millet - kambu (bajra) - 2 varieties (hybrid and native)
3. sorghum - chozham (jowar) - 2 varieties - white and red
4. rice - 2 native varieties - wadan samba and maduvu muzhangi
5. little millet - samai
6. ragi
7. kodo millet - varagu 
8. groundnut

and they were interplanted with
9. cow pea - karamani
10. toor dal - tuvarai
11. gongura - pulicha keerai
12. horse gram - kollu

totally rain-fed only.
like a charm it rained 2 days and 10 days (yesterday) after planting. one more in the next 20 days should be enough to take it through. 

and tons of veggie varieties too.
and trees are still waiting for their turn. gotta go.