Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

being on the losing side

wendell berry responding  to the US Presidential elections, once again says it beautifully and precisely, "I’m still on the losing side and that’s where I’ve taken up my residence … If Hillary Clinton had won, I would still be on the losing side. And I would just have to go to work.”

we have been racking our brains for an appropriate response/comment to the many interesting events post november 2016. berry nails it.

as we enter the eighth year of this rural/agricultural based life, over the zillion interactions we have had, we can only smilingly nod at berry's wisdom and realise once again, that such a deep understanding will happen only to those who feel the earth between their fingers each day.

the demonetisation did not  affect us directly much, but its impact in our neighbouring areas has been severe. why would the govt do something this hurtful has been easily explained in this article.

new year greetings to all.