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Monday, October 22, 2007

heroes - 1 - krishnan

a series is something i have wanted to create and many topics have raged in me.
starts well enough in my mind, but with the high entropy levels, good ideas dissipate rapidly.

but here is a promising line. i have earlier posted on remarkable individuals this month itself - randy pausch, dimple bhatt, raju narayanaswamy and it is a simple extension to 'series it'

krishnan is an simple man from madurai. he cooks and feeds the destitutes on the streets of madurai. he has now organised under the akashya trust and very well at that indeed.
the part which makes him my hero, is that he cooks himself.

here is his story from the hindu.
"I started by using my mother's kitchen", he recalls. Single-handedly cooking three meals a day for 40 people, packaging and distributing them was no easy task. But Krishnan was determined in the face of his parents' worries about his new found "vocation".
his expertise is perfectly well defined.
He claims that he can chop one kilo of onions in five minutes flat, knows how to make 100 types of pickles and uses only homemade garam masala containing 30 ingredients for his dishes.
hope he does not lose his way in the mire of fund raising, multi-city expansion and PR.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

oh this is great stuff.

csm said...

kbmp - i recall reading as soon as the article came in hindu and recently i saw him featured on ndtv too.
stunningly original work and we have this sethu champion 'trouballu' minister who has the gall to proclaim that hunger has been wiped out from tamil nadu.