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Friday, October 05, 2007


this is not about the infamous cooum river of madras.
neither is it about the just as infamous mithi river of bombay.

it is about a private US military firm - blackwater on wikipedia and their own site.
they were in iraq, ostensibly helping out in the military operations.
and by that it is meant that they were protecting the US military forces. weird.

and this is what they are accused of doing.
Blackwater members accompanying the convoy returned fire, leaving nine people dead, one of whom was an Iraqi police officer.
this is from here.

they obviously retort that they were doing a fair job.

while we all understand the mess that is iraq today and the gargantuan economic looting that is happening on iraqis as well as the US taxpayer, this takes the cake.
now what the hell is a private military firm doing in another sovereign nation.

and how is the UN ... sorry.

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