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Saturday, April 21, 2007

seeing stars

last night was the year end graduation ceremony of the first batch of teacher trainees. 16 young leaders have gone through one roller coaster year with their fabulous group of teachers to come out roaring from the blocks to do the most difficult job in the world, teaching. junta had come.

a very emotional and poignant moment for the 16 who were the cynosure of all eyes. have seen them all grow amazingly as individuals.
i am confident that they will lead exceptional lives and create likewise.

i was anyway in the background just lingering.
being csm, i had to have the last line. it was a corny one, but quite smart :) the setting was a rooftop terrace

when i entered the terrace, i glanced up at the sky. i silently cursed god for keeping the stars hidden from us poor mumbaikars. as the evening proceeded, i heard gods voice saying, "you nitwit, cant you make out the 16 i sent specially for you guys, what more do you want!".

in hindi, of course. applause and wahs wahs happened. aadab.


Vanessa said...

Corny yes. But we watch enough bollywood movies to be impressed...

btw, Where is the poet csm? I still haven't resigned as the 'official proof reader'

csm said...

very soon
very soon