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Monday, April 23, 2007

feathered friends

partly inspired by this and that.

have heard about the famous flamingos for years now, without being really desirous of catching them live.
big error of judgement.

every year, tons of flamingos and hoards of other birds flock to this place at sewri. nice pictures here and there
right smack bang in the center of maximum city.

surreal experience. early morning before sunrise, in a place which is totally unlike any other in the city.
when i went, it was off peak season but still very much season.

the only sounds were those of my feathered friends, not a single human or inhuman decibel. ecstatifying. in tandem i also saw this movie. majestic. highly highly recommended.

am reading that this spot is endangered like most spots in this place. because of this and that.

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