Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Monday, April 30, 2007


those who have had sugarcane juice must have really enjoyed it. but do you think the sugarcane would have enjoyed the bone crushing experience. trust me, surely not.

was in 2 back to back train journeys which evoked in me the deepest sympathies as expressed above to the pauvre ganna (btw - ganna is oos in it goes as oos juice).

both were at times least expected.
a 945pm fast local to borivali from grant road. and a sunday afternoon 1PM slow local from thane to cst. a little bit more into the entire suburban rail network in the city.

added masala was the nice and pleasant weather. sweltering heat and a tight squeeze make a nice travel day.
but in the end, the companionship even in this rush was amazing. one guy was offering water to co-passengers and shouting aloud as well to those who could not see him (which would be all but the 5 right next to him).



Vanessa said...

masala? definitely not very enticing.
Was in Mumbai for 3/4 days- gosh! headache everyday due to lack of sleep. cold water/ drinks - no appetite - sore throat. Relieved to be back in Pune.
I wonder at times, how i spent 24 years in Mumbai!

csm said...

v - what you saying. mumbai rocks. the masala is the weather. the perspiration is cleansing. lets have 100% humidity please.