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Thursday, April 19, 2007

student responses

today was a memorable day.

was in attendance at one of our educational centers which was conducting their annual projects day. on this day, the entire class is displaying their yearly learning through a variety of fun filled methods.

this center had children of secondary school level (ages 14-18). and they had set up a fun fair.
one of the 'stalls' was like a sooth-sayer corner. they had called it 'the angels for problems'. as i took my place in front of the 'druids', i was thinking "what are they thinking?". anyway, to test them, here was my interaction.

csm - i have some money to give and there are many needy people. how should i select the benficiaries.
ans 1 - please do not give them money. it will make them dependant and needy. you should try to help them with ideas and emotional support.
ans 2 - instead of giving money, you could sponsor their education or vocational training. this would be more beneficial and will give them strength to stand on their own feet.
csm - hmmm. very nice.

csm - ok. i have one more. what should one do if one gets enraged by any person or action.
ans 1 - get away from the place at once and go to a peaceful place.
ans 2 - close your eyes and meditate and think of funny things or sing songs.
ans 3 - do not react at once. count slowly and breathe deeply and clear your mind. once you are calm, you should talk to someone who could hear your problems.

the older centers have 'problem solving' and 'decision making' as part of their course and this was to showcase these modules.

very impressive.
i was, well, impressed.


Vanessa said...

Whats 'druids'?

How do you make sure that these modules don't just remain in theory? Is there a way to check whether they imbibe these things?

Though, its amazing how these children (teenagers) could think up the solutions they gave you.

csm said...

druids like getafix from asterix. they are village medicine men/women who have supernatural recipes etc.

assessments are done to check theory as in most cases.
the teaching aspect is very practical and mostly case study method is used.
this project is one way to check articulation of the teory.
cant track practise.
these things are not easy to track. we shall not even try.