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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


there were exactly 20 full peanuts and 2 half nuts in a Re 1 cone.

total 21 nuts at 100 paise = 4.75 paise per nut.

very expensive. that's bombay.

will do a city-wise comparison when i get the chance.
this could lead to to a nut index (a la big mac index). am almost there for a nobel.


Vanessa said...

Please don't. U'll go nuts. And your readers too :-)

Ludwig said...

this is a totally fundu idea. can assist in collecting data for parts east and south of Maximum City.

csm said...

v - you underestimate nuts.

l - go mate. get me data from the gult land. nobels are awarded to teams mostly. so you are on mate :-)

Vanessa said...

csm, i see no logic in this. The number of peanuts in a 1 re. cone can vary due to :
1. cone size/ paper size and thickness from which the cone is made by different vendors.
2. peanut size- there are many varieties
3. Vendor to vendor - some may be generous, others stingy
4. There is no strict measurement like - gm/ cone.

csm said...

v - exactly why it could be an index.
it works an an inverse to the big mac index as we are here fixing it as "how many nuts come in 1 Re?" vs "how much does a big mac cost?".


Ludwig said...


first data point from Hyderabad. peanuts were bought from an itinerant vendor outside a FoodWorld in the uppish-market are of Chikoti Gardens, Begumpet.

for Re. 1, we received 35+ smallish peanuts (just roasted, no addition of salt/chilli powder or anything), with a one layer "topping" of some other bataNi nuts.

so a total of 40ish small edible spheres. better than Bombay, i say!

csm said...

expt 2 - another place. 23 nuts for Re 1. smaller sized spheres or are they cylindroids.
central mumbai may be bottoming out at these levels.

csm said...

nut counting - 33.5 nuts for a ruppee in bombay. right next to office is a kabootar-khana (pigeon feeding place). nut specialty shop is right next to it.
this nut count is a very healthy 33.5 big juicy ones.

previous 2 were from roadside vendors. need to check for skew as it is apparent that there is a lot.