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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

subway stupidity

central bombay (not to be confused for bombay central) is quite in the news recently.

1. controversial wall of siddhivinayak temple. the temple authorities are pure-bred dimwits.
2. read about the BMC's unique cleanliness drive. gandhigiri is used very arbitly.
3. here is a subway construction screw up. ineptitude at its pristine best.

in all this there is one more unreported screw up. just at the junction at shivaji park, the BMC is building another subway. highly stupid.
1. the area is just around 50 meters from the sea shore.
2. the area was originally filled in as it was between the mahim and worli islands. see map of the original 7 islands.
3. the road is total 4 lane road, i.e., at best 20 meters wide. build an over-bridge, you nitwits.
so as soon as they reached a little below the surface, they were submerged in water. so till date, the massive part of the operation has been the pumping out the water. all this has obviously resulted in tremendous cost and time overrun for a totally useless project.

just discovered this link to a report on mumbai subways.
look at the time overruns on the metro cinema subway project.

interestingly, this subway is something palatable. also in central bombay.

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