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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


whats with airline arrival timings?

i find it totally ridiculous.
was at the airport yesterday. 2230 arrival time. by the time the plane landed and my friend got out of the aircraft, it was 0005 hours. and it took off on time from paris !

and 4 flights ETA were listed as 2305. now how the hell is that even remotely possible.
are we so dumb?
surely not, the AAI is certainly full of shit.

and the crowds are just plain simple crazy. tons of kids. i was thinking, oh my gosh, it is exam time. what are they doing here? and little tiny tots too. they were being put to sleep, as you can imagine, how cranky kids get so late in the night.
so my question was, why not stay home and do the same?

can anyone see, the loss of productivity with so much time being wasted.

they should just add 30 mins to each current ETA as the new ETA. this is of course not accounting for delays and the sort.
just increase all flight timings across the globe by 30 mins.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

ETAs are meant for aam junta. Not for csm who lands up on time for appointments. most of the rest of us come late. we also conveniently use the excuse of child for our tardiness. something a plane cannot.
now dont judge me because i dont hire a baby-sitter!

csm said...

is it then not a sign of a greater malaise amongst us which airlines and other conveniently exploit.

should the system be so vitiated that only honest people are penalised.

vent happened.

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

yes, system is so vitiated that honest people are penalised. is this so strange to you to stomach?
we are way too patient about waiting. Like in govt. offices, ICICI bank ATMs, Temples, Nirvana Park Powai, etc. We only get impatient when we are in arms distance of sound-making devices such as horns. then we honk to glory.