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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

back to square 1

was again dragged into the bombay high court today. my earlier experiences are here and here and here.

a matter regarding the legality of the pavement dwellers (almost a year long and no connection to my earlier battle) in the same areas we have been working with was up for hearing. this case was causing the delays in actually getting the people to move out to their new dwellings.

here is the new chief justice, swatanter kumar.
very solid guy.
was in full flow today. our case was around 22nd or so in the list.

couple of points he made today struck me strongly.
1. i will not tell the government/administration how to do their job.
2. one should to use the court whenever convenient. the court should be used whenever there is a breach of law or a strong sense of the same.

the contexts in which they were made are probably needed for others to understand the depth of these. but i am not going to elaborate on them. let me see if by alone these statements make a connection.

so coming back to the case no 86 of 2006, the judge read out his orders. clear and precise. i doubt if the implementation will have the same clarity and precision.

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