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Monday, April 30, 2007

Rs 6 x 10^11

this is Rs 60000 crores. that is $12.5 Bn
in an random conversation with my financial expert friend, i learnt that this is total assets of a religious trust. in itself this is a stunning figure.

the mouth-agaping fact, is that this trust is trying to shift this entire asset base from its current location (state) to other states. due to political interference and stuff. with that kind of money, i wouldn't be surprised at that.

in the same breath, the entire FDI inflow in the original state over the last 5 years stands at $5 Bn.
simple math puts a net outflow of capital of staggering proportions.

since we are talking in thousands of crores, this article states that the power shortage in maharashtra is resulting in a loss of Rs 30000 crore over the last 3 months.

and the BMC has increased their education budget to Rs 1253 crore. for a total strength of 3,97,076 students, this boils down to Rs 31555 per student per year. mind numbing.

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