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Saturday, March 03, 2007

mi lord

first time.
i appeared in court. mumbai high court.
i filed a petition. a writ petition.
against the corporation. mumbai municipal corporation.
crazy. crazy snake man vs crazy commissioners.
human rights violation. a mistimed slum rehabilitation plan.

totally not what i had imagined. too much bollywood images. courts are ruled by multiple judges (that's why it is called a bench). in the mumbai high court division bench (where i appeared) the senior judge sat on a new age wheels-enabled, push-back chair and the junior judge sat on a fancy british-era, queen-elizabeth type throne. asked why, but no one before me seemed to have even noticed.

they have computers, microphones, totally fancy.

i would have liked to throw something at the judges. something heavy and sharp.
not because they made a mess of my petition. they said stuff which stunned me in its senselessness.
am on schedule to appear before the main dude. the chief justice. after the weekend.

bring them on.


Vanessa said...

Please elaborate:
1. mistimed slum rehabilitation.
2. they said stuff which stunned me in its senselessness.

csm said...

1. this is last month of school year. hence mistimed. all are ready to vacate in mid april.

2. primary school exams dont matter at all. cant they write exams in another school. cant the ngos conduct these exams locally.

Vanessa said...

i think the exams finish by mid- April, don't they? Sorry if i am wrong.

csm said...

yes. you are right. thats what my second line in first point in my earlier comment says.

Vanessa said...

csm, i am confused. exams finish by mid- April and then they vacate. How is it mistimed then?

Vanessa said...

Oh ok, clear after reading the new post. Mid-April is the desired time and not the fixed one....sorry again :-)