Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Saturday, March 17, 2007

rat killer

last week has been one massive rat/mouse hunt in the office.

and there seems to be a mini invasion of sorts. mouse traps/poison baits etc have being used.
one trapped and released and one died. poisoned. created a huge stench for a couple of days.

suddenly today, i remember a capture scene more than 10 years ago.
we had a rat issue at home. used trap and caught her (or maybe him).
in my 'enlightened' position of power, i killed the rat by drowning it in a bucket of water.
feel like shit now. as i write, i am truly disgusted with my action.
my action with the rat was barbaric.

through these years, i am trying to understand the value of life at all levels.

apologies can't mean much now. sorry brother. my time will come.


Vanessa said...

Csm, are you calling the rat 'brother' in the last line?
You cannot be so sensitive! Killing for survival is the law of nature. You did not kill for fun. The method is making you feel sorry i think. You think it deserved a more dignified death?

People kill for food. Hens, Chicken, Fishes, goats and what not. And the method of killing is often barbaric. ( I don't know whether you eat non-veg.) We can do nothing about it.

Guess you have developed a child-like sensitivity after being with children a lot?

csm said...

1. i did say brother rat.
2. i did not kill for survival.
3. he did not deserve the death he got, other than in the hands of a cat or a predator, which is nature at work.
4. we can do something about meat preparation, boycott it.
5. it is not a child-like thing really. it is a maturity when one realises the true laws of nature.

Vanessa said...

1. I'd say you did kill for survival. Its a potential carrier of diseases - plague and all.
2. How can you and i boycott meat preparation? More than half the world lives on meat - thats their daily food.
3. I have seen this kind of sensitivity only in children, so i said child-like. Sorry if you were offended.

csm said...

you are wrong on the disease thing. i know what i did.

why do you want to change the world. no one can. the only change happens within oneself. so you can boycott meat as an individual. thhats the best one can and the best one should.

no offense.

Vanessa said...

I don't need to boycott meat, been a vegetarian all my life. :-)
P.S: Do you also feel bad about the mosquitoes, ants, insects you might have killed? Why, even plants have life. What about them?