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Monday, March 19, 2007

overdose - cricket and more

it is world cup time - needs no reminding. needs no minding either.

it is again the time for overdoses - TV, stress, jingoism, 'national' pride, sachin, mandira, alcohol, drugs, hype, sixers, colas, chips and lists like these as well.

see the results
1. bob woolmer dies
London: An "accidental drug and alcohol overdose"' coupled with stress may have
been the reasons behind Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer's sudden death, a British
newspaper reported today.
According to 'The Mirror', Woolmer was suspected to have died of an "overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol".
The tabloid reported that the police in Jamaica, where the player-turned-coach died under mysterious circumstances on Sunday, were investigating the angle.
The 58-year-old coach was declared brought dead to hospital, little over an hour
after he was found unconscious in his hotel room.

2. indian economy under threat.

3. assortment of effigy burning over india's performances, people dying watching matches and what not!! non-stop madness.

can we all grow up, this is supposed to be just a game. but the economics of it now supercedes everything else.
the vice-like grip that commerce has on modern sport is throttling the spirit of sport.
the converse argument that gets thrown around, is how it is opening up millions of jobs and opportunities.
but at what cost, what are the costs of the overdoses.

i prefer the way it was earlier. that's the escapist in me.

just saw iqbal. a bit of a preferrable type of overdose. but nice, feel-good and watchable movie. toeing the good old sport-for-sport sake line.

i had learnt to play in a different environment, just for the sheer joy of being on the field.
will have to start a team.
soon enough.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

it is in reaction to the same situation that i started writing my post today. the memories of when sport was sport are becoming distant. more in my post tomorrow (if i get things clear in my head by then).

csm said...

please do write.
it is an overall trend that is full blown capitalism.
is it ok for all life to be totally determined by pure commerce?
it may work in truly well developed society, where everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities and demand and fulfil respectively.