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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

social service

this is the wiki definition

i have this theory of trained incompetence.
which simply stated says that trained people suck.
be it teachers or social workers, in the development sector, they come with over-the-limit-baggage. which is counter-intuitive to the work that they would like to do.

coming from the UL post, you probably can understand my point.

the current block of people in the SS sector have too much aahankar (ego) .

we need to serve, in the true sense, with no expectation. thats how SS will work. everything else will fall down the ravines.

pure service has multiple approaches and multiple dimensions. this variable is as unique as we all are. we need to find our niche and live it.

tough to understand and even tougher to do. lage raho, lage raho.

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