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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

post-cursor to 'mi lord'

this is the sequential notes on the entire high court/slum rehab story
part 1
part 2

at the end of part 2, i had mentioned that we have been summoned before the chief justice on monday. this happened in the meanwhile, which spannered us for a bit.

so we got a fresh appearance on tuesday (today) in front of the same bench which we met in part 2.
was really not very hopeful (see comments to part 2 post for some insights into that). even our lawyer did not expect too much sympathy. he made a point which i felt was very interesting. you can appeal to reason and logic but not to prejudices.

nevertheless, we devoutly assembled at the given time. before our case, there were many urgent matters to be discussed. the following ones came up:
1. multiplex vs single screen theaters
2. caste certificate case
3. illegal felling of trees
4. student vs college over attendance and exams
5. another mumble-jumble one which i could barely understand.

the range of the issues was huge and the judges are expected to have legal insights into all these matters with memory of earlier judgements and rulings. tats is quite an ask for anyone. so suddenly, i started revisting my earlier opinion stated in part 2.

our hearing came up and the corporation had lined up their veteran. but surprise surprise, it went of smoothly. with little to nil protests and knuckle rapping, the judges agreed to our petition to let the residents continue till the academic year end.
yippee, hooray, yesss...felt nothing like that!
just sat simply with actually no emotion. for sure i knew that this would be an incredible relief for the residents as it takes off a huge tension load off their minds. my ambivalence surprised me, as i had lost some sleep over 2 nights.

in the meanwhile i read this today - related and unrelated:
Q: How can we surrender the ego, when this wanting to surrender is itself an
expression of the ego?
Nithyananda: How are you going to surrender the ego, when it does not exist? Suppose you are sitting in a dark room. You want the darkness to disappear. But can you push it out? Can you fight darkness and force it to leave the room? No! No matter how long you keep trying, you are ultimately going to be defeated -- and that too by something which does not exist!
The ego is like darkness, it has no positive existence. Just like darkness is simply
the absence of light, the ego is nothing but the absence of awareness. To struggle to kill the ego is like struggling to push the darkness out of the room. To really expel the darkness, what you need to do is to forget all about dealing with the darkness. Focus your energy on Light instead. Just bring a small lamp into the room, and you will find that the darkness has fled on its own! So, I tell you to forget all about the ego. Instead, focus on bringing a lamp of awareness into your being. When your entire consciousness has become a flame, you will find that the ego is no more.
The ego is an illusion. You cannot surrender it when you are unaware -- because you don't know how. Of course, you cannot surrender it when you become aware either -- because then you realize that there is nothing left to surrender! What you have heard, read, been taught -- 'Surrender the ego in order to attain Self-realization' -- this is an
utterly nonsensical idea. It can happen only the other way around. Self-realization dawns, and suddenly you cannot find the ego anymore. The surrender has already happened, just like that.
However, I am glad that the question has arisen in your being. The ego is the root cause for all your anxieties, sorrows, tensions. [...] To actively feel that you want to drop the
ego, to feel the need to be rid of this burden is itself a step towards awareness. It shows that you are stirring from your sleep!
--Swami Nithyananda
so onwards we move.


Vanessa said...

Many congratulations csm.
Its quite something to have won a case against "the" corporation. To me, it does not make sense even filing a petition. Sorry, but after reading the first post, i believed you are fighting for a lost cause. Did not say it then, not wanting to discourage (enrage?) csm :-) Great job done.

and congrats on 50 too. csm is gaining momentum now...lage raho csmbhai...

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

hey good stuff!

csm said...

people - it is a fight only for a temp stay. we all want to move to new place.
beats staying on the street by a mile.
trust me on the reason behind the stay attempt.
for sure at least 50 kids would have stopped going to school and hence missed a year at the minimum.
i am getting them to focus on how to plan a nice, peaceful move. and when they do that, thats another battle.
there is no lost cause. the causation be damned. we are fighting for the effects!!

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

yes, i understand. i just hope that the new digs are reasonable. it is strange that in the worlds largest democracy the populace has so little faith in the govt. do let me know how i can help with planning of move in summer. i have time.

sameersampat said...

what a post! great work on the stay. the ego bit was insightful.

csm said...

kbpm - will talk this weekend. there is so much to do, its not even listable.

ss - its even bigger than that. i was half expecting a standing ovation when i entered office :-)

Ludwig said...

> but surprise surprise, it went of smoothly.

Bril. Chelpark, even! Congratulations. Self had a small victory in a police station yesterday, adopting csm-fanaa tactics. Kenny knows all about it! Will have to post...

csm said...

l - good show mate. where do you post btw. chelpark was way out of our league. bril it was, right through school.
i think everyone needs to file an FIR as part of std 10 syllabus.

Ludwig said...

bril., it is, then. i post @ the choultry. this FIR thing is maddening. all this was for a lost driver's license. i could've accidentally mauled it in the washing machine at home, and i will still need to file a police complaint to get a replacement. crazy... in some alternate universe, it makes sense, i suppose.