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Thursday, March 15, 2007


i spent time in the mmrda today. did not get much done, but got an idea of what the plans for mumbai are.
check their official website.
check this guy who writes a lot on mumbai development and stuff.

their key projects are
1. mumbai metro - from versova to ghatkopar overhead. check analysis here.
2. mutp - mumbai urban transport project. quite a massive exercise to expand rail lines as well as improve road infra.
3. muip - mumbai urban infrastructure project. overall city transport infrastructure improvement.
4. mithi river development project.

given our city stats of say 12 million people = 2 million families (6 per family)= 1.1 million slum families (at 55%). so we need 11 lakh low cost housing units.
as per my count in mmrda plans, it is only 35000 families under muip and 20000 as per mutp = 55000 = 0.55 lakh. this is 5% of total. i think just this is costing the government nearabouts Rs 1000 cr. the numbers are just boggling my mind as i write them.

this is not over yet.

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