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Saturday, March 10, 2007

depression and resurrection

this is the new area where the families are being resettled. (courtesy wikimapia)
quite a place. see here right in the middle. the triangle, the square and the rectangles that smack in the middle of the image. look around this space and you see the sprawl of slums. staggering image, even more staggering in reality.
i was for an entire day.

the place is really nice and the rooms and the buildings and the common spaces. but that's now, when there is hardly anyone. wait for people to move in and destroy it all before you can say 'resettlement'.
deja vu as well. same story, 4 years ago, location was goregaon east. place is a dump now. this is a disaster waiting to happen.

was letting all negative emotions take control. was angry at the system for being so callous. for the record, the largest garbage dumping ground in mumbai is just a kilometer north of this place. ironic, i felt.

strangely on the way back, a simple text exchange made me see light and got me to focus on action items.
this is a good method to follow. to make a list of simple things to do sort of rebuilds perspective and sets the mind going on way forwards. resurrection indeed.

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