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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


this is an interesting topic. it means increasing the size of a meal. associated with mcdonalds. read here from wiki. the golden arches company ran into serious health activists on this campaign and had to withdraw it due to obesity concerns.

there is even a movie on this subject - super size me.

so here goes my story of supersizing in a completely unexpected place.

place - andheri railway station season ticket counter
time - 230 pm

csm - can i get 3 routes done on one ticket?
ticket seller (ts) - which ones?

csm - andheri to churchgate on western railway, andheri to vt on harbour line and vt to mankhurd on harbour line.

ts - no. you will have to make 2 tickets.
csm - um, ok.

ts - one month?
csm - yes.

ts - don't you travel to thane, kalyan, dombivali?
csm - (totally dumbstruck hearing the question) no. this is good enough.

totally hilarious i felt. was smiling through the next hour.
good to see the mac attitude in the ts.

lallu zindabad.

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