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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


this high court thing is much more than i bargained for.
was all around there and the lawyers' whole of yesterday.

the paperwork required is just mind boggling.
1. we had collected 117 personal undertakings and each was 2 pages each. had to make 3 copies of them. add assorted affidavits, serving notices to BMC, etc, total around 750 pages. it is heavy, let me add. the judges always need to get the documents in green colour paper (eco-friendly !!) also called 'ledger' paper.
2. they have to be stitched and bound in a particular fashion etc.
3. stood in a queue for an hour to get it 'affirmed', where a bloke (prothonotary... imagine him introducing himself...i prothonotarise for a living) speed-reads the petition, and signs it along with the petitioner as 'accepted'.
4. once that is done, i ran all over to submit the 'affirmed' copies along with relevant annexures to the 'respondents' in my affidavit, the municipal corporation of greater mumbai.

all this while i was passing through rooms and rooms stuffed to the gills with paper. each desk had piles and piles of files and whatnot.

there should be serious scope for computerisation and efficiency improvements.
save the forests, your honour.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

you know when we went to get some registration or some crap done for flat this is what struck me, files and files and files of paper piled all over the place. how on earth can you find anything? why store so many things, totally meaninglessly? imagine how the rats & such creatures must thrive on them.
we are enforcing policy in my office to get rid of things that are more than three years old, shred them and give to raddi fellow.
wish i could do the same at home. :-)

csm said...

somehow they find things.
they have too, else for sure some consultant would have made a million bucks optimising their procedures.

for all the junta and junk, it did seem rat free, but am sure that places like charity commissioner office, land records department must be termite paradise.