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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

world environment day

today it is the world environment day.

daily news and analysis has a series of articles on the situation in maharashtra and mumbai.
1. Urbanisation has turned on time bomb in state - has statistics on the deterioration in life due to pollution.
2. the rapid decrease in tigers and indiscriminate poaching can destroy eco system.
3. escalation of water crisis in maharashtra - 3 crore of the population depends n water supplied through tankers and less than 50% have access to sanitation facilities.
4. some thoughts and ideas on citizen action

as individuals, we tend to believe that we are too small and ineffectual to be able to impact this degradation.
this is as true as the fact that this post will be read by more than 5 people.

we can only do small things and that's what we should keep doing even though we may think that it may not save the world as it will surely postpone doomsday by additional nanosecond.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

csm, yesterday in honour of world environment day i switched completely to bucket baths. no showers.
so thats one person who read your post, and was thinking of same things at same time. lets now wait for the other four (hundred?). :-)

Vanessa said...

Lot is done on the occasion of the environment day. Newpapers are full of stuff. Just for the day and forgotten other 364 days of the year, i'd say. We have to imbibe small changes in our lifestyle and follow them 365 days a year? What all can we do? Suggestions welcome - bucket baths as kbpm says....thats no. 1

my little idea: We have a few cloth bags stitched and carry them along whenever we go out. No plastic bags for us please....its a bit embarassing when we do that in the malls, but its ok.

5 of us together might delay the doomsday by quarter of a second, rather than the nanosecond?

Have read about the e-waste being a major concern. I bought new speakers today for my pc, have to throw away the old ones and add to the e-waste....what can i do with them?

csm said...

kenny - do you know that you are officially saving approx (for a 5 min shower) 50 liters a day = 18250 liters a year and double that if you shower twice a day.

v - plastic bags are each to avoid. please try the next level by minimising buying goods packed in plastic.
please give the old speakers to raddiwalla. they operate on the vulture philosphy and will nary leave behind anything except bare bones.