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Monday, June 11, 2007

WED and conservation - my promises

while i wrote these posts on WED and ideas on conservation, i was being nagged internally.

while ceaselessly propounding ideas, i did not promise anything.
it did come to me hard while writing. but then the ideas did not come freely. struggled to push out the boundaries.

so here are 2 items which i promised that day and am managing well.
1. no more newspapers. i averaged 2 a day.
2. switched to fountain pen (pens which are refilled with liquid ink).


Vanessa said...

Newspapers? Paper is bio-degradable, isn't it?
Whats wrong with a ball-pen?

Forgive my ignorance, but i did not understand the logic behind these two changes.

csm said...

1 ton of newsprint requires 12 full grown trees.
even if they get recycled, it still means that some time some trees are being cut down for newspaper which i buy.

ball point pens are mostly use and throw variety and hence using ink pen mean less plastic usage and hence disposale