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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

WED - ideas on conservation

comments and promises from the comments on the WED 2007 post1 and post 2 prodded me to try to make a simple list of conservation tips.

1. bucket baths - time tested method in india. saves tons of water (18 Tons a year at least). having grown up in chennai, we grew up on mini bucket baths!!
1a. on same note, turn off the tap while brushing teeth and washing the face.
1b. half close the valves under the basin and kitchen sink to keep water flow at less than niagara level.
1c. fill a plastic bottle with sand and 'sink' it into your toilet 'flush' cistern. so each time you flush you will save 1 liter of water.

2. buy local produce - minimise plastic packaged stuff for fresh produce like fruits and veggies. to stretch, one could even try to buy rice and pulses from the local grocer.

3. configure computer monitors to power saving mode within 10 mins of 'rest', shutdown within 20 mins of 'rest'. same with laptops.

4. turn off appliances at the plug/switch and not just at the remote control level. this was all over the billboards etc during the mumbai power crisis last month.

5. minimise buying imported items. read here for some alarming statistics

6. in your workplace and maybe even homes, keep the blinds/curtains open and allow sunlight to light up your space.

good luck.

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