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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


the rains are now bigger on the satta bazaar than cricket.
tons of newsprint is now wasted on endless speculation on the monsoons.

and as usual, the rains are watching the Indian Meteorology Dept forecast.
the clouds must be saying, "hey, we are supposed to be at full throttle today, why don't we piss on them, lets go to rainbow dance bar."

but it is raining now and well at that .
and as usual, citizenry are at misery at all the assorted problems that faces a poorly managed city, which is potentially administered by the most inept group.

no more ranting, only getting wet.


Vanessa said...

Hey, quick response to my comment :-) gr8.
btw, one other thing to be mentioned in this post - the news channels. how they show the same clips over and over again (may be previous year's?) and create panic....

csm said...

there is really no end to the madness that the television media has become.
i could so much do without the 24X7 news. they are forced to 'create' news content to fill up time and hence the flogging the dead horse.

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

I have no idea of the weather forecast, because I dont watch TV, & am unable to go beyond the sensational colour pictures in the newspaper. I suppose this could be a good thing. I wear my raincoat & perch my sunglasses on my head everyday. Ha! Beat them at their own game!