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Saturday, June 30, 2007

what a school

this is a photo from a TOI report on june 16, the day schools started.
the school is Rushikul Gurukul Vidyalaya at Ghatkopar.

i did same in march 2006 as described here under experiment 5.
absolutely wonderful feeling.


Vanessa said...

You do read TOI then...

This is ridiculous. Teachers touching student's feet and earning more respect? hmm

Your case was diffeerent. You were apologising for your behaviour... (thats what u mention in the post)

csm said...

i am only on online versions.
all stories i read are either referred through the google alerts system or someone drops me a line on the same.

i really do not think it is ridiculous.
a bit extreme, for sure. but fantastic as a ritual breaker.
i read this on the wall of a BMC school - "The student is your GOD".
well there.