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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

WED - follow up

after the last line of yesterday's post, here is a rocking example of a mega scale clean up at the borivali national park (aka sanjay gandhi national park).

... along with WWF and some independent volunteers, managed to clean up nearly
500-600 acres of the park in just one day. We manually collected plastic bags,
cups and bottles, cleaned up the nursery plants, deweeded the garden and tidied
up the stretch frequented by visitors. To us, it was an ideal way to start off
World Environment Day...

and in the words of volunteers who participated makes me smile

...I have lived near SGNP all my life and witnessed how the forest is abused
by the visitors. I cleaned it today, and if it gets dirty tomorrow, I will clean
it again and again—till people start noticing...

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