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Monday, June 11, 2007

love is god

saw a fantastic tamil movie - anbe sivam - over the weekend.

it is an outstanding movie from all aspects.

the lyrics here i share are something which seared me. given in tamil and my interpretation.

aatthigam paesum adiyaarkellaam sivamae anbaagum,
aatthigam vaesum nallavarukkoe anbae sivamaagum

siva (god) means love to the siva bhakts (adiyaar) who chant his name (believers)
love mean siva (god) to the 'saints'/good men (nallavar) who discard/disregard religion (agnostics)

there is a real parallel in my mind to gandhi's definition of truth. when everyone said
'god is truth', he said 'truth is god' (satya hi eashwar hai).

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