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Thursday, June 14, 2007

suburban dumping mindset

this title is inspired by the latest brainwave from the BMC's new plan for stray dogs.

1. shifting 5 lakh dogs to the suburbs.
even without the details/arguments of how unfair it is to the dogs, the sheer lack of economic sense is befuddling:
as the article says, just feeding the dogs will costs Rs 1 crore a day. over and above, the level of infra needed and manpower will then make it one of the largest expense head in the BMC budget.

2. the mega plans of the BMC and MMRDA plan to move the slum dwellers to relocation sites in the suburbs. here are the stats over the last 3 years in just one area.

3. and the garbage dumping sites are all in the suburbs. at 8000 tons per day, it is a lot of junk.

i use this example often when i talk about cleanliness:
cleaning you house, area should and does not mean that you clean you house and doorstep and dump them in front of the neighbours' or on the road.

the same is applicable here too.
there is more land/space available in the suburbs for sure, but this is ridiculous.

there is hardly any concerted effort from the authorities and more importantly - we ourselves are so 'not bothered'.

some fantastic ideas and solutions are happening in our very midst.
1. sterilisation of stray dogs. read this for a greater understanding of stray dog population control.
2. slum rehabilitation without builder mafia ruling the roost.
3. minimising waste, waste segregation and composting.

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