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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

kaveri amma

here we go again. karnataka and tamilnadu are at the battle front over the tribunal award which favours tamilnadu.
rediff covers the whole history of this dispute.

if you read the first link, scroll down to the comments. junta gone totally ballistic and connecting this to things totally unconnected. jingoism at its vilest best.
really unnecessary and indicative of how divided we are when it comes to points of conflict.
what was once the sole prerogative of the british and then the politicians - the divide and rule strategy - is now out in the open for all and sundry to use.

the real solution lies in developing a more vibrant local water management system at each village or block level. has been done in many places. indiatogether has a lot of research and articles on water issues.

historically, the indian civilisations have run really vibrant river based agricultural societies with minimal problems. the technology used in those periods to harvest water, irrigation systems, manage flooding, etc., are remarkable in their simplicity and ingenuity.

like we have lost and are losing tons of local expertise in most areas, this engineering and management knowledge is also draining itself into the oceans.

nevertheless, the sanctity of a central non-biased authority is totally trampled in this jingoistic jamboree. it is like saying, i will accept your authority only if you rule in my favour.

we have not seen the end of this yet.

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