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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

universal love

this is a simple, old, well known concept.
espoused by a variety of greats right from buddha to buddha (the 'enlightened one' to the 'singur one')[1].

UL is quite fundamental to solving much of our failures, stresses, sadness, angst and all those negative feelings.

since many are familiar with the concept in theory, but never manage to practice, i have at times tried to bridge this gap.

the idea is to increase bonding between a group of junta with having an open, sharing discussion.[2]

so far i have had mixed responses. primary lesson, is to never try it in a party atmosphere. works well in classrooms or in workshops.

but UL rocks and we shall keep trying, even in parties.

[1] just a phrase and not to be taken in any form of literal meaning.
[2] participants are encouraged to share stuff they would nomally baulk at, but the experience is quite cathartic. useful to try.

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