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Friday, February 09, 2007

direct communication

i get this a lot these days. or maybe i am noticing more now.
"can you please tell so-and-so to do this-and-that".

was a little bit hot under collar last evening when i got a message like this, and thats when this post was born.

is it a break down of communication or plain exhaustion or the classic 'passing the buck'.

whatever be the case, it needs to be looked in detail by the 'passer'. the passee (in this case, me) could also plays a role in breaking this chain, but then he/she then becomes a potential 'passer' facing the same 3 issues mentioned in the above paragraph. it is tough.

i have 3 nice ideas that could be used to address this: simplify, simplify and simplify further.

in line with the ideas, will stop here.

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Vanessa said...

been in this situation many times before. can be very frustrating.

My friend in college was quite the beauty queen type. And the guys would try and send proposals to her through me. Did it 1 or 2 times. later, felt being used .... Changed my stand and started saying - If you are in love or whatever, have the GUTS to talk to her directly, you idiot.

Have learnt since then, that direct communication on your part - making the displeasure and the discomfort known - is the best way to deal with this.