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Friday, February 09, 2007

singur and infosys

singur is burning. the tata/buddha/mamata story has been making a lot of buzz.
this from google news on all you would want to know.
shruti has an interesting note on the the issue

while this was going on and the overall SEZ fiasco across the country.

total set up across the board of corporate land grabbing. whatever the economists and the '9% growth' wallahs may say, tis plain in my eyes.

while all this was going on, i recall a conversation with my brother around 3 months ago. he tangentially indicated how the IT powerhouses were also culpable to the land greed sweeping corporate india. the conspiracy theory is quite simple:
1. they cant maintain the 30% growth forever. for the newbies, their headcount is directly proportional to revenue. so if they add 40% people every year, they could get to 30% revenue growth (salary increase, decrease in billing rates, currency drop etc are why i peg revenue growth lower than personpower growth.
2. still at low in value add chain. not really recipe for future domination.
3. their mysore site is mind boggling. forgot the specifics, am hunting for the research i had done a bit earlier. will append to this post later.

and then i come across these an article from HT's new Mint.
Infosys in hospitality business! denials notwithstanding, it is a yummy news for their CFO.

not for the farmers.

(Note: Mint requires registration - simple process really. So far seems to worth it)

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