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Thursday, February 01, 2007

the seva walk

More than 120 kids, 30 plus walk youth leaders and 6 adults all assembled to embark on an interesting experiment – the seva yatra.

Tusshar gandhi introed us to his idea of seva and even bapu’s meaning of – be the change. Very inspiring. He said that true seva is when one serves beyond his capacities. Unlimited.

With these words echoing in our ears, we all set off. More than 20 routes spanning most of central Mumbai. Exciting times ahead !!

Our group of adults even more thrilled at this chance and an unsaid weight of expectation to be able to inspire the kids alsoJ

I used this inspiration for the day. Mark and John did a silent trash pick up routine. Pretty simple and effective.

At start, one of the didis snapped her sandals. Immediate application and made it a barefoot walk. Me and didi. Connection to the earth is a good way to kick it off.

First stop was with a group of 4 hauling garbage into a dumpster. Led by the inimitable rd didi, we jumped in with full vigour. My first experience with gujju ‘dalits’. Quite a punishing routine and a feeling of ‘inescapable destiny’. Rd was doing a great job talking to them. It made being silent much easier!
I am good at manual labour :-)

All this while, plastic pouches were being hauled of the roads. Tons of them.

Next, a random bus trip. Ended up at a industrial ghetto. Met a group of kids playing. Group kicks into top gear. Nails clipped, faces cleaned, wounds washed and dressed, non stop trash picking. Used sign lanuguage and wild gestiulation to communicate.

time to head back. walking next to street slum. tons of kids and tons of picking up all through. great part was the recreation of the safai fauj at a bus stop. took just 2 minutes to spruce up the entire place. and without even making a beep this time.

back to start. kids all worn out from the walk and perhaps even the experience.
a lunch in total silence. to help think about the experiences.

a storm of voices, once we started the processing. so much was done, so much was felt and so much was thought about. more than one could do in a classroom type education system. the kids had done a whole host of reach-outs. very exciting and inspiring.

the journey has begun.

was left with a nagging doubt, did not feel i met tussharbhai's definition. not stretched enough.
is the zone too large to break out of now ? nope, thats my ego talking.

keep walking dosts. keep on.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

hey that sounds very cool. wish i had come along too.

btw, was your page always so wide or did you also edit html and get there?

csm said...

from the template itself.
did not do any html editing.

more walks are due, many more.